photo of Candice Aaron, Chairman of the Board

I’m excited to be a part of LIVESTRONG because it helps people facing cancer now with navigation, advocacy and support; as a cancer survivor, I know firsthand how important that is.

Candice Aaron, Chairman of the Board

Our Story
In 1997, after Lance Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer, he created what is now known as LIVESTRONG with the express purpose of helping fellow survivors and their families through and beyond a cancer diagnosis. In the years since, LIVESTRONG has served millions of people affected by cancer through collaborative programs and direct support services that fill critical financial, emotional, physical and practical gaps in care. Though Lance is no longer involved with LIVESTRONG, he remains the foundation’s single biggest donor. The progress he helped generate within the field of cancer survivorship stands as a lasting legacy.
Our Leadership
Our leaders are fearless, determined and experienced. The fight against cancer is personal for many of them, and that is why they’ll never stop working on behalf of survivors everywhere.
81 cents of every dollar goes directly to programs and services
Where Your Money Goes
Eighty-one cents of every dollar we raise goes directly to our programs and services for people affected by cancer. When you give to LIVESTRONG, your funds help support the people who need it most.
Media & Press
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We’re Thankful
We’re forever appreciative of the support from our dedicated board members, collaborative partners and generous donors.
Make an Impact
Your dollars enable us to keep our services free and available to cancer survivors and their loved ones. You can make these resources a reality. Please donate today.