For Caregivers

Cancer doesn’t only affect the person with cancer; it affects the lives of the people who surround them as well. Whether you're a caregiver to your child or partner, a family member or a loved one, we provide emotional support and other resources for you.

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CancerBuddy, the first social support network application for people with cancer, survivors, and caregivers. CancerBuddy provides a user-friendly digital experience to help people affected by cancer

Hospice Foundation of America

Providing information on issues related to advance care planning, hospice and palliative care, caregiving, and grief.


During serious illness, CaringInfo is here to help you make informed decisions about care and services before a crisis. Understanding and discussing topics like advance directives, palliative care,


PREPARE is a step-by-step program with video stories to help you: Have a voice in YOUR medical care, Talk with your doctors, Fill out an advance directive form to put your wishes in writing.

Surviving Breast Cancer

Surviving Breast Cancer serves those diagnosis, caregivers, and families globally. Surviving Breast Cancer puts people first, listens to their needs, and then sets out to create the programs, services


We address the social determinants of health (SDoH) by bringing quality patient transportation, remote patient monitoring, meal delivery and personal in-home care to homes all across America.

Family Caregiver Guide

Family Caregiver Guide by Global Patient and Family Advisory Board (GPFAB) at The Beryl Institute. The guide contains a vision for the role of the family caregiver/care partner in The New Existence

Healing Circles

Our healing circles are a safe and supportive space to walk with each other through these times.  Each circle is a blend of sharing and silence, compassion and curiosity. Healing Circles help us

Foundation for Women's Cancer

Dedicated to increasing public awareness of gynecologic cancer risk awareness, prevention, early detection and optimal treatment.

Testicular Cancer Society

We are committed to raise awareness for the most common form of cancer in men age 15-35, to provide education about the disease and give support for fighters, survivors, and caregivers.

The Ruth Cheatham Foundation

The Ruth Cheatham Foundation helps teen cancer survivors pursue their dreams with financial aid for their education.

United Way: Ride United

Ride United addresses unmet transportation needs for individuals and families in communities across the country.

Nancy's List

A non-profit foundation serving the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of persons living with cancer and those who love and care for them. Nancy’s List supports persons who are living

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation

Provides family and community support throughout the brain tumor journey.

Livestrong Prescription Discount Card

With so many things to worry about while battling cancer, paying for your prescriptions shouldn't be one of them. We've partnered with Glic Health to help.