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Cancer doesn’t only affect the person with cancer; it affects the lives of the people who surround them as well. Whether you're a caregiver to your child or partner, a family member or a loved one, we provide emotional support and other resources for you.

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My Caring Plan Blog: Caregiver Burnout: How to Take Care of Yourself

This article describes what caregiver burnout is, the 5 stages of it, and why it's essential to pay attention to and manage the burnout for the health and wellness of both the cancer patient and

My Caring Plan Blog: 50 Ways for Family Caregivers to Take a Break

This article lists 50 ways that caregivers can try to destress in times of need. These ideas range from quick moments that can often help in immeditate moments of stress, while others describe ways to

My Caring Plan Blog: Stress Relief Products For Caregivers

In affirming that being a caregiver can be a 'full time job', this article lists and describes several different types of products that can help relieve stress specifically geared to people

A Caregiver’s Guide to Coping with Stress and Burnout

This guide defines caregiver burnout and how to recognize it so that it can be managed, alleviated, and healed.


CanCare has grown into a network of trained volunteers including survivors and caregivers of survivors who provide emotional support and cancer-related resources. Survivors of more than 60 different

Dream Foundation

Serving terminally-ill adults and their families by providing end-of-life Dreams that offer inspiration, comfort and closure.

Regarding Cancer—Psychosocial Support to Cancer Patients & Caregivers

Regarding Cancer believes that no one should face cancer alone. Its mission is to provide free psychosocial support and resources to cancer patients and their caregivers in the Central Texas area by


HopeLine’s mission is to support people and save lives during times of crisis through caring, confidential conversations. This is done by providing the community with a free and confidential crisis

Help for Oncology Problems and Emotional Support (HOPE)

The unexpected journey of cancer often brings exhausting emotional challenges and financial burdens like fetching the week's groceries or cooking meals, having willing individuals to coordinate

Casting for Recovery

Casting for Recovery envisions a future in which women with breast cancer receive emotional, physical and social support throughout their cancer journey. Their mission is to enhance the lives of women

Stronghold Ministry

Stronghold Ministry was founded to provide much needed spiritual support and comfort to cancer patients, caretakers and others in various life situations. We reach out through the Internet, books,

Bright Spot Network

The Bright Spot Network provides young cancer survivors who are parents of small children with a safe space for individual and familial healing, recovery, and reconnection.

Blood & Marrow Transplant Information Network (BMT InfoNet)

BMT InfoNet is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to providing transplant and CAR T-cell therapy recipients and their loved ones with emotional support and high quality, easy-to

Ride United—United Way

United Way and 211 have partnered with Lyft to launch Ride United Transportation Access. The goal is to provide rides to help people in need access essential medical services, complete education defines asbestos and its ability to cause various types of cancers. These cancer types are described with definitions, symptoms, and treatment options.