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Livestrong Guidebook and Planner & Journal

Now available in print or electronic versions, the Livestrong Guidebook is a companion for cancer survivors as they navigate the physical, emotional and practical concerns they may have during their

Man Up to Cancer

Man Up to Cancer inspires men to connect and avoid isolation throughout our cancer journeys. We are changing what it means to “Man Up” in the face of cancer. To us, it means knowing we are smarter and

Livestrong Prescription Discount Card

With so many things to worry about while battling cancer, paying for your prescriptions shouldn't be one of them. We've partnered with Glic Health to help.

Healing Circles

Our healing circles are a safe and supportive space to walk with each other through these times.  Each circle is a blend of sharing and silence, compassion and curiosity. Healing Circles help us

Family Caregiver Guide

Family Caregiver Guide by Global Patient and Family Advisory Board (GPFAB) at The Beryl Institute. The guide contains a vision for the role of the family caregiver/care partner in The New Existence


PREPARE is a step-by-step program with video stories to help you: Have a voice in YOUR medical care, Talk with your doctors, Fill out an advance directive form to put your wishes in writing.


During serious illness, CaringInfo is here to help you make informed decisions about care and services before a crisis. Understanding and discussing topics like advance directives, palliative care,

Hospice Foundation of America

Providing information on issues related to advance care planning, hospice and palliative care, caregiving, and grief.