Kaye H. - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

Kaye is a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor. She talks about changes to her digestive system after treatment, receiving a stem cell transplant and the relationships with her husband and children.

Kristi S. - Endometrial Stromo Sarcoma Survivor

Kristi is an endometrial stromal sarcoma survivor. She talks about dealing with infertility, employment discrimination and complementary therapies.

Laura K. - Neuroblastoma Survivor

Laura is a neuroblastoma survivor. She talks about experiencing aftereffects of radiation therapy, maintaining her treatment history and telling others that she is a survivor.

Kelly L. - Caregiver

Kelly lost her sister to breast cancer. She discusses genetic testing, what hospice means for caregivers and working to change public policy for cancer survivors.

Kristin D. - Thyroid Cancer Survivor

Kristin is a thyroid cancer survivor. She talks about aftereffects of treatment, changes to her thyroid, relationships with friends and returning to work.

Laura L. - Cervical Cancer Survivor

Laura is a cervical cancer survivor. She discusses dating and new relationships, finding a counselor and telling others that she's a survivor.

Kim B. - Brain Cancer Survivor

When Kim was diagnosed with brain cancer, she didn't think to ask her doctor about life expectancy or short-term memory loss. Now as a survivor, she reflects on how her kids came to mean far more than her career.

Larry A. - Lung Cancer Survivor

Larry is a lung cancer survivor. He talks about maintaining healthy behaviors during treatment, experiencing aftereffects of treatment and facing family financial issues.

Laura T. - Colon Cancer Survivor

Laura, a colon cancer survivor, dealt with a high-risk pregnancy. She talks about the experience of meeting other survivors and setting her priorities to help her daughter survive.

Kristi E. - Phoechromocytoma Survivor

Kristi is a pheochromocytoma survivor. She talks about her struggle with premature menopause and the possibility of infertility, dealing with changes to her thyroid and polypharmacy.

Laura B. - Breast Cancer Survivor

Laura is a breast cancer survivor. She talks about what hospice means for caregivers, planning her financial and medical future and how she deals with fear of recurrence.

Len S. - Kidney Cancer Survivor

Len is a kidney cancer survivor. He talks about accessing quality care, managing family finances and practicing healthy behaviors.
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